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Captain Andy's

Captain Andys in Kauai provides you with the well-renowned Capt Andys Napali Snorkeling Cruise, a fantastic way to get up close and personal with the island’s marine life.  Capt Andys Snorkel Cruise is just one of the many Kauai Activities that are offered through Kauai Snorkeling.  When you combine snorkeling, Captain Andys Dinner Cruise, or Capt Andys Sailing adventures with the famous Na Pali Catamaran, you’re sure to have a blast during your Hawaiian vacation!  Book your Capt Andys NaPali Snorkeling Cruise through Kauai Snorkeling and save both time and money.

Capt Andys in Kauai has been in operation since 1980 and continues to provide locals and visitors alike with their famous, top-notch Capt Andys Snorkel Cruise.  All of the Kauai Activities that take part on the Na Pali Catamaran including Captain Andys Dinner Cruises, Capt Andys Sailing activities, and world-famous snorkeling adventures, are sure to be exciting and breathtaking.  Capt Andys NaPali Snorkeling Cruise is unlike any other snorkeling adventure out there!

With Kauai Snorkeling and Captain Andys in Kauai, you could even have a whole family reunion aboard the Na Pali Catamaran, which holds an astounding 49 people!  Capt Andys Snorkel Cruise is one of many Kauai Activities that feature the Na Pali Catamaran.  Others include Captain Andys Dinner Cruise and Capt Andys Sailing. If you want to experience Hawaii’s marine wildlife up close and personal during your vacation, be sure to check out Capt Andys NaPali Snorkeling Cruise!  The best part is that when you book your Capt Andys Snorkel Cruise through Kauai Snorkeling, you’re sure to save a bundle!

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