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Aloha from Kauai, and welcome to Kauai Snorkeling, where you are provided with the finest Hawaii snorkeling tours and dinner cruises to Na Pali and the “Forbidden Island” of Ni’ihau. The sleek, top of the line vessels from Capt Andys, Blue Dolphin Charters, Holoholo Charters, and Captain Sundown whisk you out to the open water.  Embark on an amazing snorkel adventure, or just relax on a dinner cruise and see the wondrous sites.

There are several Kauai Snorkeling Companies to choose from.  They include Captain Andys, Blue Dolphin Charters in Kauai, Holoholo Charters, and Captain Sundown in Kauai. All of these are excellent companies that offer Snorkeling and are fun Hawaii Activities.  Capt Andys, Blue Dolphin Charters and Holoholo Charters go out of Port Allen.  Captain Sundown begins her sail out of Hanalei Bay. All of these are great companies to use on your Hawaii Vacation and Kauai Snorkeling offers them at a discount when you order online or use our toll free number to order which is 866-482-9775. Be sure to visit our Sister site www.hawaiidiscount.com for other Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours such as our Oahu Tours or start your vacation off right with one of our Hawaiian Lei Greetings. A Hawaiian lei greeting is a great start to your Hawaiian vacation and puts you in the Hawaiian mood, ready for the best Hawaii Activities. You are going to have a great time on your Hawaii vacation!

Click on the tours to the right for additional information on snorkeling in Kauai with Capt Andys, Blue Dolphin Charters, Holoholo Charters and Captain Sundown. Snorkeling in Kauai is fun and exciting! Kauai snorkeling is one of the most popular Kauai Activities and a must do on your Hawaii Vacation. There are many Kauai activities, but none like Snorkeling in Kauai.

Capt Andys offers both Morning and Dinner Kauai Activities. They have Whale Watching in season which is usually Mid December through Mid April. There is the Capt Andys NaPali Snorkel Cruise where you see the rugged Napali Coast. Capt Andys Napali Snorkel Cruise is one of the most popular Snorkeling in Kauai Activities there is. If you have the chance to snorkel the Napali Coast on your Hawaii Vacation then you do not want to miss that. Snorkeling in Kauai is fun no matter which company you choose, but Capt Andys Napali Snorkel Cruise is one of the best Hawaii snorkeling cruises to choose from.

Don't forget about the other Kauai Snorkeling Tours besides the Capt Andys Napali Snorkel Cruise.  Holoholo Charters offers your choice of morning or afternoon Hawaii snorkeling or Holoholo Charters snorkel adventure to Ni'ihau. Blue Dolphin Charters in Kauai, Holoholo Charters in Kauai, Capt Andys and Captain Sundown are all great companies for Kauai snorkeling.

Reserve Hawaii Snorkeling with Kauaisnorkeling.com for Hawaii Activities at discounted prices. Snorkeling in Kauai Tours are popular Kauai Activities.  Reserve your Hawaii snorkeling tour today!  Enjoy snorkeling in Kauai with Capt Andys, Blue Dolphin Charters, Holoholo Charters or Captain Sundown.  Hawaii Snorkeling and Kauai Activities are not to be missed! Call us at 866-482-9775 with any questions or just order online.

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